Quality Control


RMCO is a licensed contracting firm with a staff of professionals skilled in construction / service and heavy equipments management, was established in 2005 to fill the needs of the community for a professional company. RMCO name has stood for quality, integrity, and progress. We deliver superior value through a commitment to our client partnerships, an understanding of a changing in construction industry, employment of innovative building methods and keep up with all developments in the fields of services and equipments.

RMCO is committed to ensure a safe and healthy Work place, the protection of the environment and quality services in our day to day business. We believe in a transparent and proactive policy and that all adverse environmental impacts are preventable. And equally important is the trust and satisfaction of our clients vested on us based upon our technical capabilities, range of services and experience.


RMCO, To implement this policy, will ensure to  present and concentrate on the followings :

  1. Develop and implement effective QHSE Management Program with defined objectives and targets to improve proactive control of risk and create a step change in behavior. 
  2. Give QHSE the highest consideration within the Company’s other business objectives.  
  3. Comply with all applicable local and international laws as well as customer policies and society regulations.
  4. Implement continuous improvement programs at utilizing the latest technologies and methods.
  5. Encourage personnel to have ownership for identifying, eliminating hazards and preventing incidents.
  6. Provide personnel with sufficient training, resources and support.
  7. Conduct sufficient internal auditing and arrange external auditing to ensure compliance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
  8. Prevention of the risks of the incidents and the pollution
  9. Ensure to continual improvement in the quality management system of its services and its health, safety and environmental impacts at all levels within the company.
  10. RMCO IMS Policy shall be periodically reviewed for continuing suitability.
  11. Allow all personnel to have direct access to the top management in order to communicate related to QHSE.
  12. Actively monitor, audit and review to continually improve QHSE IMS, processes and performance.
  13. Hold supervisory management accountable for ensuring and promoting a safe and healthy workplace and the protection of the environment within their areas of responsibilities.
  14. Improve the efficient use of energy and natural resources and effectual waste management.
  15. Provide customers a World Class Quality Standard Service.
  16. RMCO IMS Policy shall be communicated and understood and better awareness by all employees and interested parties.

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