Industrial Services Division

Industrial Services Division Industrial Services Division Industrial Services Division Industrial Services Division Industrial Services Division

Industrial Services Division

We Offer Industrial Services for All Sort of Industries, Including Petrochemical, Power Plants, Mechanical and Fabrication.

RMCO provides specialist industrial services that support the installation, maintenance, refurbishment, decommissioning and replacement of large industrial plants and building infrastructure for following sectors: Power Generation | Energy from Waste | Oil and Gas | Manufacturing | Refining | Automotive | Chemical.

RMCO has created a new wing to provide and to address the industrial service needs in the Plants, refineries and Pietro-­Chemical Industries. The addition of this Department Wing will make RMCO comprehensively and industrially competitive to fully deal with client’s project construction to Industrial Plant requirements. This concept enables RMCO to spread its Construction and industrial capabilities imposing a bolder market benchmark to services such as : Industrial / Storage Tank Cleaning Process Piping and Steel Structural(Fabrication, Welding & Erection) Protective Coating and Grit Blasting RMCO capitalizes on the expertise of its highly skilled and highly trained manpower to address the following Industrial problems and meets the Clients requirements with high standards of workmanship, quality of work without compromising safety. With these principles, RMCO assures every Client of timely work completion TARGETED INDUSTRIES Refineries Petrochemical Terminal and Bulk Storage Power Plant Heavy Industrial MECHANICAL SERVICES Mechanical Construction and Plant modification Pipe Welding and Fabrication Engineering and Technical Support Plant T&I, Maintenance Services PIPING AND STRUCTURAL WORKS Erection of Process Piping and process Equipment Fabrication and Welding Qualified Welders for all Welding Procedures Pipe Line modification and Upgrading Blasting and Painting as per Client Standards Insulation and Cladding Works Hydrostatic Testing and Flushing Advance NDT Structural Fabrication Work of Columns Trusses and Pipe Support, etc GRIT BLASTING AND COATING: RMCO is able to advice on the most appropriate specification for a project to ensure that the cost of surface preparation and coating works is aligned with the future life required from plant and equipment. Programmable Logic Control Section Was started as a proprietary firm to offer products, systems and solutions to process industry right from a single critical component to complex integrated system. Its mainly started to provide following services to the industries System Integration, Installations , Commissioning, Operating & Training Maintenance and servicing of Industrial control and automation systems used for process control. Trading to provide spares for the imported systems used process industry to maintain these costly equipment’s. Product and Technologies: We offer total solution for Industrial Automation to OEM / process Industry based on SCADA,DCS,PLC, programmable controllers, PID / Fuzzy Logic controller / Actuators &AC/DC drives etc. manufactured by well known companies as per requirement of customers Two / four Line & graphic display with touch screen or keypads & terminals & industrial PC’s for man machine interface. We offer axis & motion controls / positioners leaner & rotary / absolute & incremental encoders / servo & stepper motors etc. We offer sensors for proximity / optical / vibration & level ultrasonic etc. We offer instruments for measurement of pressure / flow / temp. / pH / V / power etc. We offer load cells & weighing system for continuous & batch weighing. We provide DG synchronization & auto source changeover system. We offer all types Electrical control panels for process plants. Engineering Solutions and Consulting Services:We are widely recognized for our consultancy for industrial automation. We undergo the following steps: Systems Requirements Study System Design Control philosophy, Implementation, Design Documentation Engineering Design and Development System Acceptance Evaluation Handling Over Training after development The various engineering services & solutions extended by our trained technical team are

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